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Retail Prices

We have a standard price list, but offer a discount to businesses, if the order is sufficiently large and / or regular.

Some of our baking is easier to price than others.  For example our birthday and celebration cakes with bespoke decorations are much more time consuming than our tea time baking, so their prices will reflect this.


All our puddings serve a minimum of 8 portions and others 12.  Some recipes may be ‘doubled up’ to make a larger size.

Country Kitchen puddings                                                                            from £ 30.00

Dinner Party puddings                                                                                  from £ 40.00

Many of our Teatime Cakes make excellent puddings.  Serve them warmed with cream or custard.

Our Dinner Party puddings look fabulous and are ideal for buffet style meals, when the guests can see them as a whole before they are cut.  If attractive presentation on individual plates is paramount, we can recommend puddings which can easily be served as attractive individual portions.

Birthday Cakes / Celebration cakes

Prices include personalised lettering and a silver board

9” round cake   serves approx 16 portions                                           from £ 60.00

8” x 12” cake serves approx 24 portions                                              from £ 70.00

11” x 15” cake serves approx 50 portions                                             from £ 80.00

Extra hand made flowers                                                                        from £   5.00

A spray of up to 12 flowers / hearts on wires                                      from £ 10.00

Extra / other bespoke hand made decorations                                  from £ 10.00               

If ready made decorations are requested from specialist suppliers, we may be able to buy these, if  enough time is allowed.  The cost including p & p will be added to the price of the cake.  

Other shapes and sizes may be available.

Muffin Cakes

Min order 24 muffin cakes                                                                            from £ 2.00 each

Tea Time Cakes

9” round cake                                                                                                   from £ 35.00

other shapes and sizes available

Tray Bakes

8” x 12”                                                                                                               from £ 25.00


All sizes given are approximate and based on the dimensions of the tin used for baking, rather than the final measurement of the cake or pudding.


Payment terms are cash on delivery / collection, or we can accept cheques.