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Why buy from us

Do you want to eat home made cakes and puddings, but don’t have either the time or the skills to make them yourself?

Would you like a home baked birthday cake for yourself, a child, a relative or friend, a celebration cake or muffin cakes with personalised decoration?

Are you planning to stay in a holiday cottage or self catering accommodation nearby, but don’t want to do the cooking, because you want a holiday!?

Are you planning a party or a celebration, would like to have it in the comfort of your own home, but don’t want to do all the cooking, and don’t want the expense of taking everyone to a pub or hotel?

Are you having friends to stay and would like to give them home made food, but don’t have time to do lots of preparation in advance, and also want to spend time with your guests while they are with you, rather than in your kitchen?

Are you having a dinner party and would like to serve a delicious pudding which you haven’t had to make yourself?

Would you like a special, unusual and delicious gift for a loved one or relative?

Are you going to see friends or relatives and would like to offer to contribute to the catering, but don’t want to cook yourself, or are looking for something special to take?

If the answer is ‘yes’ to any of these, then please look at the photos of our range and contact us to discuss your individual needs.