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About Us

We offer a unique opportunity for people who are passionate about good food to enjoy hand made fresh cakes and puddings of a quality which you might otherwise only enjoy when eating out in a restaurant.

The Mill House Home Baking was set up by Katherine Cowtan in 2006.  Some neighbours had recently opened a café (Doyles Deli in nearby Balfron) and were looking for someone who could supply them with home baking.  They asked Katherine if she would be interested in doing this.  Her first order for them was a tray of nutty flapjacks (one of her own recipes). For 7 years she supplied them with a number of cakes on a regular basis, individually wrapped cakes during the pre-Christmas season (many of which go into hampers), bespoke birthday cakes and also puddings for their outside catering and in-house private functions. Now the focus of the business is on bespoke birthday and celebration cakes.

As you would expect from a business which describes its produce as ‘home baking’, all the cakes and puddings (including all our pastry), are made at The Mill House Home Baking on a domestic scale in the family home kitchen, using traditional, fresh, basic real ingredients, like hand cracked whole eggs (now from our own hens when supply meets demand) and real butter. We do not use any commercial packet mixes from the wholesaler!

We do not have a factory or production line.   Baking on a domestic scale means we are unable to benefit from the price advantages of large manufacturers who buy and mix their ingredients in bulk.  Buying from us is therefore not a cheap option, but offers a unique opportunity to enjoy hand made cakes and puddings of a quality which you might otherwise only expect in a deli or restaurant.

All of our baking,  is made to order.   With the exception of  some fruit cakes during the pre-Christmas period, we do not keep any baking as stock.